Malm Headboard Hack with Recessed Ridge for Hiding Cords and Back Lighting

Materials: Malm 3-Piece Headboard and Lack Tables

I installed the Malm headboard ($199) without the Malm platform bed since I wanted my bed as low to the ground as possible. Extending the shelves out created a wall-to-wall headboard across the room.

I created an extension of the headboard up the wall using matching Lack tables ($10 each) attached with industrial strength velcro ($15).

In order to allow access to the outlets behind the bed, I took the table legs and more velcro and created a recessed ledge behind the bed leaving a small space in the middle for cords.

The ridge stops short of the end of the headboard on each side to allow for more hidden cords and the installation of a rope light in the ridge which will sit behind the headboard and illuminate it.

~ Dusty Fohs, Santa Cruz, CA