STOLMEN in the kitchen

Materials: STOLMEN, MUDDUS table

Description: This is not a real hack, just a new use to an IKEA item, but since I have not seen STOLMEN used in the kitchen, I thought I’d show it to you.

When a whole cupboard full of plates fell from the wall, we knew we had to find another kind of shelf, that is not fixed to the wall. Also we were looking for a small breakfast table for the kitchen.

So we went to IKEA and found STOLMEN. The poles are fixed to the ceiling and the whole structure is really solid. I had always wanted a cookbook stand, and the STOLMEN shoe rack is just perfect. The clothes rail makes a good pole for kitchen rolls, I just fixed it with two of the many allen keys you get from IKEA.

In the future I plan to buy 2 STOLMEN hooks and 2 small metal boards, screw everything together and lay the clothes pole into the hooks (too short now.)

That the MUDDUS table fits perfectly between the two poles is an added bonus that we didn’t plan. (Those things never work, when you plan them).

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~ Susanne, Antequera, Spain