A headboard fit for a King-sized bed

Materials: Lack Side Table

Description: I built a headboard out of eight (black/brown coloured) Lack Side Tables. I attached them four wide by two high and turned all the table tops so the wood grain lined vertically. I then attached some of the table legs onto the structure to support the whole structure.

If I were to do it again, I’d probably wall mount it, but it is fine wedged between the wall and bed. Attached you’ll find pictures of the actual headboard as well as figures 1,2,3 which show an illustration of the wood grain orientation, the back view, and the back view with the brackets, respectively.

I then recycled the unused table legs and a few Ikea Lazy Susans to create a coffee table. Please see the post entitled “Lack Lazy Susan Coffee Table” for more details.

~ Doug Lu, Ontario, Canada

Jules Yap