Art/Chalkboard from IKEA Scratch-and-Dent Pieces

Materials: 2 cabinet doors from IKEA’s scratch-and-dent section

Description: I found two great cabinet doors in the scratch-and-dent section at my local IKEA. They were begging me to take them home!

One of the doors had two glass panels, and the other had one glass panel and one wood panel.

I’ve been looking for some way to display my son’s artwork, so I had an idea.

I painted the bottoms of both pieces with chalkboard paint. I wasn’t so sure about painting over the glass, but it worked well.

I put some artwork behind the glass pieces, and then the chalboards at the bottom are for doodling and my son’s daily “to do” list.

The cabinet doors look great in his room and they are useful!

~ Laura Stephens, United States

Jules Yap