Books, budgets and Bekvams

Materials: Ikea Bekvam Spice Rack

Description: It’s a well known fact that I love blogs like I love my own children. A lot. And I see and get a lot of ideas. The “Miscellaneous” folder on my desktop is always full to the brim with inspiration, potential blog posts, things that I’m “going to do”. But Ikea Bekvam Spice Racks as bookshelves? That had me clearing my diary and driving to Ikea the following day! Got kids? Cash strapped? Listen up.

1. You’ll need the tools of the Bekvam-hanging trade: tape measure, level, your kid’s HB pencil. And caffeine – you’re going to need some form of artificial stimulant before you commence.

2. I had the perfect little wall in my daughter Anoushka’s room for them – between the doorway and cupboard (she inhales books!). Given the proportions of the wall, I bought eight spice racks. I went for the fetching side-by-side configuration, in four “shelves”/rows (almost up to door height), with a 10cm gap between them. Who cares if a 3 year old can’t reach the top shelf? I can. And besides. Looks good.

3. Using a level mark out the screw positions and get them in the wall. We chose to paint the shelves after positioning them on the wall.

4. Walls were painted in Dulux “Sweet Sixteen”, Tarnby rug also from Ikea, Moroccan Pouffes in bright orange and gold from my Table Tonic online store ( That’s a wrap.

~ Louise (Table Tonic), Sydney, Australia