Robust changing table

Bekvam changing table

BEKVAM kitchen trolley, wood boards

We needed a small changing table for our newborn. Since both of us are students with limited income, we decided IKEA was the place to find a suitable changing table. The only one small enough to fit in our bathroom was SNIGLAR, but I thought it looked weak and rickety. Another piece of furniture caught my eye – the BEKVAM kitchen trolley. It’s really robust!

Bekvam changing table

We bought some wooden boards to build up the sides of the trolley in order to keep the changing mat in place. These were screwed on to the sides of the table top. Standard size for changing mats in Sweden are 67×50 cm (26.4×19.7 inches) which makes the perfect width for BEKVAM, but slightly too long.

Next time we have a baby we will definitely keep our changing table but paint it white.

~ popcorn, Sweden