Expedit standing desk

Materials: Expedite shelving units


A large standing desk using Expedite shelving parts. At 48″ high, it’s high enough for a tall person to rest their elbows on. At 73″ width, it’s large enough to hold a bunch of gear AND eat meals on. At ~$250 in parts, it’s a great value for the size.

Ikea items:

2 x 2×2 Expedit shelving unit (801.352.98, $40 each)
2 x 5×1 Expedit shelving unit (201.162.74, $60 each)
1 x 73″x10″ Lack shelf (601.037.50 $30)

Hardware store items:

– 8 x metal braces
– 96″ 4×1.5″ board cut up for shelf supports (can substitute for Capital legs for class).


1) Lay both fully constructed 2×2 units across from each other.

2) Lay fully constructed 1×5 unit across back of top (one step ahead of construction photo 2)

3) Lay partially constructed 1×5 on front of top. This partially constructed shelf should only include three pieces: two short sides and one long side. This leaves enough space underneath to slide a high chair or bar stool underneath.

4) Bolt pieces together using braces and screws.

5) Attach lack shelf, supported by Capita brackets or cut up boards.

See more of the Expedit standing desk.

~ Peter Marks, Portland, OR