The Bunny Condo

Materials: Expedit, wood board backing, nails, rubber wall trim, sticky tile, birch moulding, tile edging, a box of cubes with small holes, Gorilla tape, caulking, hot glue gun, glue

Description: This project was done to match with our current Ikea furniture and turned out better than expected. Here’s how me mae it.

1. Put the Expedit together, but save the shelves. If you have two rabbits that fight or need their own space you can put one in the middle and make it into a dual condo.

2. Since Home Depot cut your backing to the right size, you get two free cuts, you can now nail the backing onto the bookshelf.

3. Put in your tiles very tightly using gorilla tape to help hold it down. Sometimes they come up if you just use the backing on the sticky tiles. (Remember that bunnies will go in their cage in spite of a litter box and you don’t want to have your wood or bookcase damaged or smelly.) Caulk between the tiles and wipe up every excess. (Bunnies will eat everything they can get at!)

4. Add rubber edging with the Gorilla Tape. Make sure it is tight against the back and the tiles. Caulk any areas that may not meet together too well. (We bought three panels and they worked out great. There were some edges though.

5. Hot glue the moulding on the very edge of the rubber to prevent snacking. The birch is ok for rabbits but rubber can make them really sick. (Also because it’s hot glued on you can replace it without too much hassle.

6. Add Railings to the front so that the cube panels slide right in. This was a tricky process with nails and a lot of practice. I recommend a nail gun and a talented husband. lol.

7. Slide in the panels.

Just a word to the wise, use metal cube panels with no paint and make sure they cannot fit their head through the holes. It could be really dangerous if your bunnies are small. For low light times of day I added tap lights and mounted two hayracks to the inside.


~ Danielle and Matt,

Jules Yap