Gorm Bunk Bed Made in Italy

Materials: GORM

Description: Hello, I am Daniele Rossini (nickname MacGyver). I have a house of 50 square meters and two children. The need now is to buy a bigger house, but right now I’m happy to organize them to take advantage of all 50 square meters. To start with I’ll tell you how did the idea of building a bunk bed structure with GORM:

I have a bedroom about 16 square meters and with two young children need two beds with a space that you desire, then I thought about a bunk bed, but not a normal one that measures 60 x 120 cm. I begin to think, imagine and measure the space without finding solutions ……. then I do not know why the port facilities Gorm with me, I take a pencil and paper and in the blink of an eye I’m holding the project I ran into the store and at a cost of about €60 I manage to buy Gorm shelves and uprights.

The frenzy runs through my blood and in three days, weather permitting after work, I transform the structures assembled together …… and ualà!…… just what I imagined and so I wanted a bunk bed GORM sturdy and secure!

My children are happy with their new bed and I felt very happy but …. suggest the production of shelves 62cm, perhaps with factory waste and an instruction manual, ad hoc, bunk beds 60 x 120 cm can not be found!

As a child I played with Meccano 31 years now I’m not ashamed to play with GORM. Hello everyone and good life!

P.S. For those who want to achieve:

What you need:
-8 Pairs of uprights 174cm
-2 Pairs of uprights 110cm
-4 Shelves 77×51
-2 Shelves 77×31
-4 Pairs of caps.

Getting Started:
be sized from 77cm to 62cm shelves then the rest with a few tweaks and a jigsaw if it comes from ……… complete with adjustable sides!

Finished size:
Internal bed 62 x 133cm
external dimensions 66 x 135cm
Height 174 cm

~ Daniele, Italy, Rome