Ikea Lack table into Lack floating shelves!

Materials: Lack table, brackets (Dormer type probably or any other), L brackets, screws, saw, drill

Description: We wanted two side-tables for the bedroom, but we thought that it would be more convenient to be the floating type like the IKEA Lack floating shelf. So the next day I visited IKEA store, and tried to find one that would be matching the space in size. Unfortunately I realized that the Lack shelves are only made 110cm and 30 cm long and there is nothing in between, which would fit for my needs. So I had a brilliant idea! Why not make my shelves by cutting into half an IKEA Lack table which only costs 5 euros!

So on my way to the cashier with a black Lack table, I stepped in to the “as is” department and the exact time there was a batch of ex-display tables for half the price, 2.50 euros! So I grabbed one at half price, and left the other. I was so anxious to get in my workshop in the morning I couldn’t wait, to start chopping that little table!

So as you see in the pictures I split the table into two halves. And then I picked some brackets that are similar to the Broder shelf brackets, and made some difficult for the average hobbyist machining, sawing and bending to have four “L” brackets with drill holes, so they can hold the shelves in total disguise like the original Lack Shelves.

They fitted like charm, and now I couldn’t wait to go home and start the installation! Oh this was a very bad time so I had chosen a time that my fiancé was absent, a total mess!

First I took meters, and draw the points to drill. Then I started installing the “L” brackets. As you may notice under the “L” bracket I slipped a small L shaped bracket so I can use it to lock the shelf in place. After all this mess I had the two shelves installed and checked the alignment. Success!

That’s it. Go on and chop those tables!!!

See more of the floating Lack bedside shelf.

~ mikenuke, Greece