It’s an April’s fool joke but IKEA’s dog high chair is ace

hundstol doggy high chair

A funny one to get you woofing for the weekend. You’ll love IKEA Australia’s dog high chair.

hundstol doggy high chair

Posted from Australia on 30th March, but perhaps it was already 1st April there.

The IKEA HUNDSTOL dog high chair

The video starts with IKEA designer, Alvar Karlsson, (for real or just an actor, we don’t know) introducing the new product. The HUNDSTOL is part of IKEA’s effort “to accommodate the growing demand for furniture that reflects today’s modern family.”

“Not only is the dog a part of the family, they’re also a trial run for kids,” he says.

The chair was designed with the dog’s comfort in mind, with a hole in the back of the chair for the tail. The high chair even has paw grips on the seat for stability. Food and water are served in two easily removable inset bowls.

Link to video on Youtube.

It’s not a shabby design, overall. I just wonder how the dog gets up and down the high chair.

Even though it was an April Fool’s joke, I’m sure some wished the dog high chair was real. 🙂

Now, see some real IKEA hacks for dogs.

Via IKEA Australia.

~ Submitted by Daniel, Germany

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