10 New Lower Price Items you should be hacking

Raise your hand if you like IKEA’s low prices. Raise both hands if you love their new LOWER price items. It’s one of the things I look out for at the store — the big downward red arrow. It almost always makes me want to buy, just because it’s cheaper.

Lower prices also makes hacking more affordable.

I picked out 10 door-busting new lower price items that you should add to your cart at your next IKEA outing. These items are not just affordable but great for hacking. Just take a look at the kind of hacks you can make out of them.

New Lower Price items meet IKEA hacks

#1 BILLY bookcases

Everyone’s favourite bookcase is reduced by $10. And they are cheaper than a night out in town. Great prices mean amazing opportunities to hack.

If the plain white is too boring for you, give it an industrial look, like how Medina did.

Industrial billy bookcase

Or turn it into a classic built in. The BILLY bookcases work amazingly well as the base from which you add trim and moulding. 

Here’s another hack which I absolutely adore — using the BILLY bookcases to frame an entrance.

BIlly book case around entrance

#2 IVAR shelving unit with cabinets

As IKEA celebrates IVAR’s 50th anniversary, I’m expecting more offers on the IVAR range. But for now, we’re happy with the price off.

IVAR painted

IVAR, in solid pine, is one of the best things to hack. Just a lick of paint, new handles and BOOM, instantly unrecognisable cabinet.

Here’s another way to use the IVAR, as upper cabinets for a kitchen. Bet you never thought of that.

#3 DUKTIG doll bed

This already cheap doll bed is reduced by $5. It’s one of the cutest things and you can’t go wrong hacking it. Case in point, just look at the photo below.

Pet bunk bed
vintage doll bed

If you do still want to use it for dolls, making it over is quick and easy.

#4 MALM bed

Seriously folks, get this bed and then upgrade it like so. I promise you, you can complete that headboard in an afternoon. No sweat.

MALM stikwood headboard

Or if you prefer something softer and more traditional, get it upholstered.

upholstered MALM headboard

#5 DRAGAN boxes

These bamboo boxes are simple and elegant. And oh so hackable.

Don’t you just love this TP holder?

bamboo toilet roll holder
bamboo plant pot holder

And these wall mounted plant pot holders made from the DRAGAN? This look is timeless and well-worth the time and effort you put in hacking it.

#6 STENSTORP kitchen cart

Close it up and turn it into a compact island, with a coastal vibe. (The picture below shows the STENSTORP kitchen island but the same treatment can be applied to the cart.)Or keep it simple but squeeze a lot more use out of it.

stenstorp kitchen cart deluxe version

#7 HAMPEN rug

The fluffy high pile rugs are $10 cheaper than before. So it’s time to load them up in the cart. With a lot of patience and needle work, you can turn the HAMPEN rug into a pixel art retro game rug. Space Invaders Forever!

pixel art retro games rug

Ever thought of using the HAMPEN on the wall instead of the floor? Soetkin created a one-of-a-kind “moss” feature wall. I bet the acoustics are excellent in there.

moss feature wall

#8 STRANDMON Wing Chair

This chair has been on my list for the longest time. I hope the price will continue to go down as it’s still on the high side for me. (In IKEA Malaysia it retails for RM699) If I ever get one, I’ll want to turn it into a rocker, like how Kenz did.

Strandmon rocker

#9 JANSJÖ LED lamp

The JANSJÖ lamp is small, functional and fits into just about any nook. But don’t like how utilitarian the lamp looks? You can wrap it in faux fur, like so. Perfect for a Monsters Inc. themed room, no?

Or embellish with a flower, upcycled from a yogurt bottle.

jansjo flower lamp

#10 OSTED flatwoven rug

To see this hilarious situation everyday is reason enough to get the OSTED rug. Your furkids will love you for making this cat wall climbing mat.

wall climbing cat mat

Or this cat climber. Take your pick and make your cat happy.

Cat climber pillar

Check this page on IKEA for more new lower price items.