Shortened pot rack

Materials: Bygel rails, Grundtal hooks, pine planks, L brackets

Description: For 10 years, my Grundtal wall shelf served me well, holding all my pots and pans within easy reach while cooking. When my husband and I downsized to a much smaller apartment (and kitchen!), I realized that there was no place for it.

The space that I had to work with was only 2 feet wide – much narrower than the smallest of the Grundtal wall shelves. I had to improvise.

Using some shelves that I had built a year ago out of L brackets and stained pine boards, I simply attached three Bygel rails to the bottom, and hung the Grundtal hooks from the rails.

It’s a simple hack, but the result is super. I have quick access to all of my pots and pans, saving much needed cabinet space!

~ Charity, Los Angeles

Jules Yap