BYGEL flowers

Materials: BYGEL + NJUTA + some nuts and bolts

Description: Some day I noticed that the hook of the colorful BYGEL cups fits exactly on the guard rails in front of my window.

First I planned to fill them with real flowers but I do not particularly have green fingers. So I needed a more durable solution.

During a second visit to IKEA I got the idea to use the colorful NJUTA shower sponges as flowers.

The result is a very colorful everlasting window decoration.

How I made them:
– I used a 40cm screw thread as the stem
– next I melted a hole in the bottom BYGEL cups that fits the thread
– the screw thread is fixed with washers and nuts
– I removed the cord from the NJUTA sponges and fixed the sponges with some hot clue onto the thread
– very important: beware of not putting the flowers up in a boring pattern and keep the colors mixed! 🙂

~ Patrick Mast, Amsterdam