Comic Book Heroes

Materials: Ikea CD storage unit, vintage cowboy comic strips, vintage arrows, digitally printed cardboard drawers

Description: A friend was tossing out an old (chipboard with green laminate) Ikea CD storage unit, so I took it home and wondered how it could be useful since storing CDs anymore is not.

I cut out vintage cowboy comic strips and squares and decoupaged (mod podge) them to all sides. I then drilled holes (not all the way through) in both sides and cut 3 vintage arrows in half and glued them into the holes on each side. I used to work at a place that had an enormous digital printer, so I had the CAD guys design a dieline for cardboard drawers that would slide into the CD cubbies. I scanned an indian from the comics, blew it up and printed it on the front of the new cardboard drawers on the digital press (which prints directly on cardboard). I added little metal horseshoes as drawer pulls with actual indian nickels as washers (I drilled a hole through the nickels). And there you have it… a functional and artistic storage piece!

~ Bev (Beaver) Williams, Southern California