As-is goldmine, Part 2: doors are not just for cabinets

IMG 1975 723204
IMG 1975 723204

Materials: drill, screwdriver, level, patience

While hunting in the as-is room for materials for another project my boyfriend/handyman and I found these extra tall cabinet doors that we determined would be a great fit for the small utility closet we built at the top of our basement steps. Since it faces another door we needed something low-profile but taller and less flimsy than the bi-fold doors we thought we’d be stuck with.

Unfortunately, only one had a handle and there were half as many hinges as we needed, but we learned that our local IKEA keeps a bin of loose hardware (ouch) by the customer service area. So we were able to score the remaining pieces after about 20 minutes of tetanus-worthy scavenging (and one trip to another area IKEA.)

IMG 1683 719582
IMG 1684 720419
IMG 2028 721739
IMG 1976 722638

While the doors themselves were not really altered, the hack (and the bulk of the blood/sweat/tears and swearing) was in making a proper door jamb and hanging the doors level without the use of the pre-drilled holes IKEA so kindly provides for you on their cabinetry.

This was one of the best finds we ever came across there, and they match our kitchen cabinets just a few feet away!

~ Larissa Mogano, Philadelphia

Jules Yap