Double Bunk

Materials: MYDAL bunk beds x2, saw, drill, a few extra screws.

Description: My son wanted bunk beds; I wanted to keep a double bed in his room so it can house guests from time to time. First thought of a Double/Single TROMSO, but it’s been out of stock for months and months. So I hacked a much more fun solution.

Two sets of IKEA MYDAL bunk beds assembled side by side as IKEA instructions except:
– Fit bed sides of upper bunks upside down (to make a flat platform)
– Only put guards up along the length of one set of bunks.
– Don’t fit ladders or short guards.
– Don’t complete the second lower bunk, leave out the outer long side and slats.
– Bolt the two sets together.
– Use the spare slats to fill in the gaps on one of the upper bunks (to make a solid bedside space)
– Build a wider and sturdier ladder out of all the unused parts.
– Cut down the short guards to accommodate the wider ladder and fit on the outer bunk.

It’s not a space saving solution – it’s vast, but my son loves it and so do I, both top and bottom are really special, cosy spaces.

~ Hannah Pepper, UK