EFFEKTIV standing desk

Materials: EFFEKTIV filing cabinet, wood boards, table legs

Description: The base of this hack is an EFFEKTIV filing cabinet with castors. I added some table legs and wooden boards to create a standing desk with a monitor support to get it up to eye height.

The height of the table legs depends on how tall you are. I used 30cm legs to get the desk board to a height of 126cm (I’m rather tall at 6’9″) and 10cm legs for the monitor support.

The particular table legs I used have M10 screw threads at the bottom. I drilled a hole for each leg into the top of the EFFEKTIV and fixated the desk on the filing cabinet with hexagon bolts and washers. I did the same to fixate the monitor support on the desk board.

The two lights are JANSJÖ, the basket for the cables and power strip are no-name from the hardware store and Bluelounge CableDrops keep the MacBook’s power and monitor cable from dropping off the desk when detached.

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~ Thomas Borowski, Germany