Fun Kura Makeover

Materials: IKEA Kura bed, fabric, Fabri-tac, shower curtain, shower curtain rod

Description: We loved the Kura bed, but the blue wasn’t a good color fit for our soon-to-be four year old daughter’s room. I had seen a couple of Kura hacks before, and knew that it could be done.

To cover the panels, I used three yards of a simple fabric in a color that I loved. Three yards turned out to be *just* enough without having to piecemeal any pieces together. I cut fabric from my yardage to the approximate size of the panels (just laid the panels on top of the fabric as a template), and then glued the fabric to the blue side. I had to trim really close to the edges to make sure that the cut ends didn’t show on the inside of the panels…learned this the hard way.

After the bed was all put together, we added a curtain (made from a shower curtain) underneath the Kura bed. The length between the posts happens to be perfect for a shower curtain rod! She is ecstatic about her hideaway (a.k.a., the “princess fort”), and I’m ecstatic that I got to reclaim the floor space that her toddler bed was taking up in the room!

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~ Kendra, PA