IKEA KURA Castle Bed

Ikea kura bed castle

I am a stay home mommy and it’s the first time I did something like this! I have to say I enjoyed it a lot. This IKEA KURA Castle Bed was so much fun and I love the idea of what we can build over this IKEA KURA bed.

I used:

  • Plywood (You can also use Mdf)
  • About fifteen screws
  • Satin paint ( white and pink )
  • Primer
  • Appliqué millwork and wall moulding
  • Jigsaw and electric sander
  • IKEA Trofast toy storage as stairs

All you have to do is to measure the back of the bed and the front and decide how high you want the castle to be. First I drew the castle on a cardboard. Then I traced it on to the plywood and cut the pieces with a jigsaw.

To make the holes, I used an electronic screw driver to make a small hole to let the blade of the jigsaw through and start cutting into the plywood.  Once I had everything cut into shape, I sanded off the edges to smoothen everything.

Then I applied two coats of primer and then one coat of paint. After the walls were dry I screwed the back piece then the front facade onto the IKEA KURA bed. I applied one more coat of paint then placed the millwork and the wall moulding.

I also made a upholstered pink headboard to give it more of a princess bed look!