Lack Lazy Susan Coffee Table

Materials: Lack Side Table Legs and Lazy Susan Table Tops

Description: This creation was inspired by the 24 left over Lack Side Table legs I had after I created a headboard for my King size bed (See the post entitled “Headboard fit for a King-sized bed” for more details on that project).

This table took a couple of sequential steps before finally assembling each piece to form the final table.

First I designed three “+” shaped legs using five Lack Side Table legs, per leg and used double sided carpet tape to hold each “+” shape secure.

For each “+” table leg, I cut out a 7″ diameter piece of MDF and attached each “+” leg to the MDF using 14 x 1″ flat head screws after pre-drilling with a countersink bit. I used metal brackets on the opposite side of the “+” legs to secure the whole leg together.

I designed the table base as a double layered, offset “T” shape using eight table legs (four sections grouped into twos).

I slotted the “+” legs into the “T” base and used 14 x 3 1/2 ” round head screws to attach each section (I also spray painted 1/4 washers with a flat black spray paint and bought black screw caps to mask the round head).

I then turned the whole structure on its head, and slid the Lazy Susan tops underneath, attaching them to the 7″ diameter MDF.

This project used a total of 23 Lack Side Table legs and three Lazy Susans. The reason I used 14 (width size) screws is because the pre-drilled holes in the Lack legs were sized at a 14 width.

It took a lot of preplanning and forethought to assemble this coffee table, but being my first ever built piece of furniture, I’m very proud of it.

Hope you enjoy.

~ Doug Lu, Ontario Canada

Jules Yap