Retro 60’s Expedit Stereo Corner

Materials: Expedit Bookcase (White), Besta Vara Door (Walnut Effect), Capita Legs 4″ & 6″, Orgel Pendant Lamp Shade, Hemma Cord Set, Lerberg CD/DVD Wall Racks

Description: Well, this project is actually for my dad but it is my first IKEA Hack. He has a large collection of vinyl albums, CD’s, and even tapes ::scoff:: My parents have had this “den” junked up with stuff for a couple years now and I thought I’d get them jump started on cleaning it up.

I DID borrow this hack from a previous stereo cabinet hack from a few years ago but added a bit more to it.

I started with an Expedit Bookcase, I took 4″ Capita legs and attached 6 to the bottom of it. I then took a Besta Vara door, which was the perfect measurement to the depth of the bookcase and length of equipment that was to be stored on it, and I mounted it to the top of the bookcase with 6″ Capita legs and 3M Exterior Heavy-duty Double-sided tape. You can find that at most home improvement stores. It’s the gray kind that’s a bit stretchy…it’s easy to remove and it won’t damage the laminate. From there is was a matter of finishing touches. I added the Orgel hanging lamp to brighten it up and Lerberg racks on the wall for cd storage and an art effect.

I apologize for the unfinished paint job at the base of the wall and trim. It’s all gonna be white to match the crown moulding my brother-in-law and I installed this past weekend. Added a bit of cool artwork and accessories to make the whole thing look retro!

~ Jeremy, Tennessee

Jules Yap