Steel Me – pendant luminaire

Materials: 2 BLANDA BLANK (36cm), 2 BASISK

My friend Rebecca needed 2 pendant luminaires for her brand new supermodern kitchen. I decided to try to make my first Ikea hack! So I bought

2 big BLANDA BLANK steel salad bowls
2 BASISK simple pendant element

Utensils: a drill

1. I made many holes in the steel bowl, to have the “sea (gulls)” effect on the walls of the room

2. I made one bigger hole on top, for the junction of the socket and wire

3. I used a 60W incandescent with reflector bulb, to have the light first bouncing on the mirror inner surface of the steel bowl and then reflected down to the table. (The sea(gulls) are only visible using this bulb!)

BASISK comes already with a very nice silver/transparent electrical cable.

~ Nevena, Oslo