To Dine for Hack

Materials: Spontan Board, Vika Moliden underframe, Perfekt cover panels, Ribba picture ledge, Gidea conference table, metal wire, and Tidig pendant lamp

Description: Buen provecho and bon appetit! A smorgasbord dining room full of hacks…

1) Combine Gidea conference table and Moliden underframe for a Cantoni inspired “One and Only” table

2) Disguise a hole left by a relocated light by using a Spontan board covered with faux crocodile and trimmed with stainless Perfekt plinth and black wood trim

3) Use thin gauge wire and crystals for a “Cellula” inspired chandelier (this is another hack’s creation – thanks)

4) Attach Perfekt cover panels to walls in lieu of columns for an architectural detail in a tight space (trim tops with scrap wood trim and stainless Perfekt plinths)

5) Make an extra long ledge by combining Ribba picture ledges. To avoid visual gaps at the front cut pieces at 45 degree angles. For gaps between the wall, apply black wood trim to the back that is same thickness as the cover panels.

6) Line Billy Bookcases with gorgeous wallpaper

7) Throw a party!

~ Vika