Étagère 365+

Materials: 2 rectangular flat wooden bowls (365+ serving plate), piece of broomstick, 2 IKEA screws.

Description: I wanted compact bowls, for fruit on the table and vegetables on the countertop in our small kitchen. The 365+ wooden rectangular bowls were nice compact and easy to modify, since they’re made of wood. It only takes a few minutes of work:

1. Determine center of gravity. I balanced the bowl on a bic ballpoint pen, and then pushed the pen tip out to mark the center.
2. Cut broomstick to length. I used 17 cm.
3. Drill holes in bowls (5mm) and broomstick-ends (4 mm) (but depends on the screw size you use)
4. Attach with screws.

I used original IKEA screws from the leftover-metal-bin in the as-is-section at IKEA. For a few euro’s you can collect your choice of leftover hinges, screws etc in a paper bag or plastic container. I really like the screws for DIY work.

~ G.V.M., The Netherlands