Tromso got flipped, turned upside-down

Materials: Tromso, philips screwdriver

Description: No longer wanting to sleep while so high, I wondered if I could flip my Tromso bed and only use the top part, but upside down. It looked possible from my initial inspection.

Note that the mattress base was in four pieces, supported by cross-members.

So to get it to a bed state:

– Flip the whole bed completely. Helped to have an extra person here.

– Remove the legs. Because they way it’s built, you pretty much have to take the whole bed apart. So, do that. Put the mattress base aside.
– Screw the frame back together without the legs. Do what you want with the plastic feet / hole covers.
– Attach the four pieces of the mattress base. This will trap you inside the bed (see picture) so make sure you didn’t put the escape hole against a wall.

And done. Not too hard at all. Now I have a proper bed to host the ladies with some storage underneath. It can easily be bed-skirted if you don’t like the metal bars look. Also, I can imagine using two of the legs and some fabric to create a headboard without too much trouble.

See more of the upside down Tromso bed.

~ Angus Woodman, Newfoundland, Canada