Loft bed to 4 poster bed


Materials: Tromso

Description: Our 7 yr old daughter who loved her loft bed when she was 5 now wanted a more “grown up” bed on the ground. At first my husband and I considered just cutting the legs down. We had done that already because the house we live in now didn’t have the ceiling clearance for the full height of the loft. But she wanted a bed curtain too. Which we thought of just attaching it to the ceiling as we have seen others do. But the idea came to me to just FLIP the bed upside down! My husband LOVED the idea and it took literally only 2 hours for the full move.

Materials used:
Tormso Loft bed
Metal 1/2″ drill bit
PVC pipe & elbows

1.Remove the side slat where the ladder attaches.

2.Move the longer back two support braces and use one of those to replace the side slat that was removed. Because that is where the mid-beam is screwed into to support the mattress.

3.Drill out a hole for the mid-beam in that support as shown.

4.We purchased three 1.5″elbow joints (since it was only curtained on 2 sides we didn’t need it all the way around)and 1″PVC pipe

5.Cut three 5″ pieces of the PVC pipe to insert into the legs of the bed and connect to the elbow joint.

6.Cut the PVC pipe the length needed for the sides needed and insert into the elbow joints.

We did get some rubber feet for the bottom of the bed so the floor was not damaged. The curtain is simply draped fabric with star curtain clips from Ikea. They no longer carry them. I really wish they did. The just clipped right over the fabric and PVC pipe and it was DONE! NO SEWING which cut the time down too.

~ Susie & Nate Clancy, United States