Wooden bathmat/duckboard

Materials: Beddinge slats

Description: Having my kitty litter box in my bathroom means always having bits of kitty litter everywhere. It’s most annoying when I step out of the shower. A solution to that is a slatted wooden bathmat/duckboard – regular mats simply catch the litter.

Unfortunately, where I live, finding one is relatively hard and the version that I did find (rope and wood) wasn’t good enough.

Then, I was cleaning out some things and found some wooden slats that I kept from an old Beddinge sofa bed.

I had about twenty or so and laid them all out, eliminating the ones that didn’t match in height or were somewhat warped. I ended up with five that were pretty similar.

I then took a square dowel that I had laying around and hot glued it along the middle using two glue sticks on either side to space them – I didn’t have small finish nails or long staples.

I was concerned about the it sitting in water, so I put globs of hot glue on the edges of all the slats. This also helped with the grip on the floor.

The result is kind of cool – because it is curved, the middle part rises up when it’s not stepped upon. That means that no dirt collects under the middle bar. The water can dry away easier, as to avoid rot or mold. (Where I live, there is a central drain in the floor, meaning that the floors can get really wet at times.)

Any how, it’s perfect and cost absolutely nothing to make. Hope it inspires others.

~ Tien, Sweden