Custom Bathroom Unit with Adils legs

Materials: 8 x ADILS Black Legs, 1 PRÄGEL Countertop

Description: I made a custom Bathroom Unit out of ADILS legs and PRÄGEL countertop.

I customized the PRÄGEL into 2 Units that fitted the width of the niche. I also made them trapezoids with one of the sides longer than the other.

I then drilled holes in the PRÄGEL for the pipes from the sink.

The nice things with the ADILS is that they are made of hollow metal, so they are easy to cut. You just pop out the plastic feet off the leg, cut it to the desired length, and pop the plastic feet back on.

The feet can also be adjusted to fine-tune the height of the legs.

I screwed the legs under the two PRÄGELs and put them on top of each other. I also used some L-brackets to fasten the PRÄGEL to the wall.

8 x ADILS legs
1 x PRÄGEL countertop
2 x L-shaped brackets

Tools used:
1 Hand Saw for cutting wood (For cutting the PRÄGEL)
1 Hand Saw for cutting the metal ADILS legs
1 Hole Saw for cutting the holes for the pipings
1 Screwdriver to screw the ADILS legs on the PRÄGEL and the brackets to the wall.

~ Stein, Norway