Bed with huge chocolate bar

Materials: Ikea Fjellse twin size bed, Ikea bed risers, Hershey’s muffin pans, space blanket, brown vinyl

Description: I love chocolate!

That’s the inspiration behind my latest Ikea hack: Bed with a gigantic chocolate bar headboard and a drippy chocolate bedskirt.

With a bed like this, I’ll be dreaming of chocolate without the calories!

How did I make this chocolatey bed, you ask?

The base piece is the Ikea Fjellse twin size bed, at $39 in the US. To make the chocolate bar headboard, I got a bunch of Hershey’s silicone muffin baking pans, attached them onto a piece of brown vinyl fabric, and wrapped the whole thing around the headboard.

As for the bedskirt, I want it to look like melting chocolate in a candy wrapper. After scratching my head on what material to use as the candy wrapper, I came across a space blanket which fit the bill perfectly. Tada! With some brown vinyl fabric and a space blanket, I made the drippy chocolate bedskirt.

With the bed now finished, I can catch some sleep and have sweet chocolatey dreams!

P.S. For those of you who’ve been reading IKEA Hackers since 2007, you may remember my chocolatey-marshmallowy footstool covers, upside-down man lamp, cheese cabinet, and other silly hacks.

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~ Winnie Lam, Mountain View, CA