winnie’s upside down man lamp

a new hack from san francisco based winnie lam. you may remember her as the one who gave us the chocolate marshmallow solsta pallbo footstool covers and the rapunzel bookcase, an entry in the genius ikea hack contest. now, she’s back again with the very adorable upside down man lamp.

DSC02317 DSC02314 DSC02313

“the lamp is ikea’s fado table lamp, approximately 11” in diameter. the hat is just two pieces of wood. the bottom piece of the hat came from a round wooden box from the crafts store michael’s. the top piece of the hat is just a circle piece of wood. the facial features, i.e. the eyes and the mouth, are cutouts from adhesive contact paper (also known as shelf liners). the legs are made of toilet paper rolls, and the shoes are boots for toddlers.

(note: the fado table lamp was available on the 2006 catalog, but doesn’t appear to be available anymore. the fado ceiling lamp, however, is still available.).”

winnie also sent me some of her other works. she tells me that it’s her passion and what she indulges in after work. though non-ikea, i can’t help but share the joy! hope it makes you day, cause it sure did mine.
Cheese storage cabinet Cow table

the cheese storage cabinet and cow table. (note the udders 🙂 )

Egg and sperm clock Toilet seat dining chairs
the egg and sperm clock and toilet seat dining chairs
Jules Yap