Expedit + Vika Amon desk to fit my office perfectly

3 Expedit 2x2s, 1 Expedit drawer, 1 Vika Amon Tabletop, 8 Ekby Stödis brackets, optional: two Vika Kaj legs

I was looking for a desk that would fit the width of my home office (2.4 meters wide, the desk ends up at 2.3 meters) perfectly so that I don’t waste to much space. After taking a few measurements I noticed the the cheapest thing to do would be to grab two 2×2 Expedits and a Vika Amon tabletop and combine them with some brackets to make a wide surface. While walking through Ikea I found the Ekby Stödis white plastic brackets at €0,50 a piece an grabbed 8 of them for more stability (2 per corner, read below for an encountered problem). Then just screw the brackets to the Expedits and the tabletop, your wide desk is done!

I just missed one detail while planning this, the Expedits are a bit wider than the tabletop is deep, so at the back you will only be able to apply one bracket per side and there will be a small gap if you align the desk to a wall. The gap isn’t that bad though since it gives you space for cables and i.e. optional LED-lighting. To test stability I sat on the back of the desk (with only 1 bracket per side) and it held my weight, but to be on the safe side I added to Vika Kaj adjustable legs at the back.

To finish it off I added the third Expedit with two drawers to the right side of the desk. It’s just standing there, no screws or anything. The right Expedit part of the desk is now missing the vertical separators to make room for bigger stuff like a printer (not on photo) while the other one holds folders and stuff I don’t need that much in those boxes that are made for the Expedit.

~ Andy, Germany