Wall of EXPEDIT: Workspace Plus Storage Plus TV

3 of 2×2 IKEA EXPEDIT, 2 of 2×4 EXPEDIT, 1 VIKA AMON 59” Tabletop, 2 stair baluster/spindles, cable outlet kit

Description: The objective for this project was to create a wall full of storage, a TV unit and a well-lit sewing workspace for one person. We had the perfect opportunity because we were finishing our basement, and so we were able to work with lighting options not normally available. We also had a unique challenge with a large box in the middle of the wall where plumbing is hidden.

This hack was similar to “Workspace Plus Storage“, hence my title. Learning from that, we made sure that our VIKA AMON tabletop was the deepest possible (60” x 30”), so there is 15” of space for your legs under the tabletop. The height of the desk was a bit awkward at 33” (in between a bar height and table height), so we used special stools. The height is actually great with the stools because it can be used while standing for short periods of time also.

There is more than adequate lighting considering that it is a basement (walkout), and overall we are very pleased with the results. I hope you can learn from this hack, just as I was guided by “Workspace Plus Storage”. I will try to respond to any questions or comments left below!


1) Assembled EXPEDITs and placed them in desired location. There are 2 EXPEDITs under the TV back to back. On the right of that is a 2×2 EXPEDIT on top of a upright 2×4 EXPEDIT. Next to that is a overturned (sideways) 2×4 EXPEDIT beneath the tabletop. The plumbing “box” is behind the tall stack of EXPEDITS.

2)Attached spindle/legs to the bottom of the table top:
A) Screwed wooden leg into white, wooden block from the top
B) Screwed the white block into the VIKA AMON tabletop from underneath (Did not pre-drill first) (See images)

3) Attached some felt pads from the EXPEDITS to the top of the sideways long EXPEDIT to rectify the gap caused by the floor’s unevenness

4) Screwed VIKA AMON tabletop into long EXPEDIT using two small brackets (pre-drilled first) (This step was to prevent movement of the tabletop only, not for support)

5) Used a cable grommet and drill bit similar to the ones in the IKEA SIGNUM Cable Outlet Kit. I had to take out the drill bit, remove the excess wood, and drill again 3 times because of the thickness of the EXPEDIT and VIKA AMON together.

~ Daniel G., Aurora, ON, Canada