Malm headboard – heightened and upholstered

Materials: Queensize Malm bedframe

I went to ikea and picked up an extra Malm queensized footboard from the as-is section for $25, then screwed it on top of the existing headboard with some brackets. It was the perfect thing for the extension because it’s the exact same width and depth, and gives an extra foot or so in height to make the low profile headboard much more substantial.

Then we wrapped the whole thing in batting (the batting comes already in a double layer so thats what we used) from the fabric store for $20, and stapled it in place.

I bought a twin sized sheet set that came with a fitted sheet, flat sheet, and a pillowcase for $30 and first stapled on the fitted sheet, trimmed the excess batting and sheet material, then stapled on the flat sheet.

Because we didn’t use any foam or any material that was too thick, it was easy to feel through the material where all the hardware holes were, and poke a screwdriver carefully through the fabric to get the dowels back in place and feed the screws through from the back. Then we just put the whole thing back together!

The bonus was the pillow case that came with the sheet set which we used to cover a small pillow to perfectly match the headboard and tie the whole look together. It turned out even better than we thought it would, and for $65 in materials we’re really pleased with the impact of the makeover!

~ Mairi Graham, Okotoks, Alberta, Canada