Meddling with Melodi

Materials: Melodi pendant lamp

Description: I’ve wanted a feature lighting pendant for some time for our dining nook. Any of the beautiful pendants I’ve seen have unfortunately been outside of a reasonable price, so the opportunity arose for me to come up with a little something of my own. Here is what I came up with …

Materials used
– One IKEA Melodi pendant lamp
– Felt sheets {I used roughly 8, at €0.72 per sheet}
– Glue/adhesive
– Scissors
– Measuring tape {not necessary}
– A steady hand and a good eye for cutting straightish lines

I began by cutting the felt into 1×5 inch strips – by cutting the felt rectangle into vertical strips, then cutting the vertical strips in half. Pretty easy, but you can choose whatever length or shape you like.

I started at the top of the Melodi lamp, and using a small dab of glue at the end of each piece, I placed the felt evenly around the top of the lamp. For the remainder of the lamp, there is no right or wrong method to placing each piece of felt. I continued to dab glue to the end of each piece, and placed them underneath the felt above, making sure to underlap {as opposed to overlap} to cover the exposed Melodi lamp.

Not to make it too repetitive, I decided to stagger the lengths of the felt. I simply did this by gluing the felt, and then trimming it to varying lengths where I saw fit. Don’t be afraid to hack into it. I continued this process until no parts of the original lamp were visible. The entire process took two evenings {an after work job}, accompanied by some decent TV.

See more of the Melodi with felt shade.

~ Hydrangea Girl, Ireland