Pimping BISSA

Materials: Bissa, Tag, Pax + hinges

Description: I bought the BISSA shoe cupboard but only needed 1 drawer for shoes so I decided to turn the top drawer in to a door with a shelf.

For this hack I added Tag handles, hinges bought at the local DIY store because IKEA doesn’t have this kind and I made a shelf out of leftover Pax shelves.

What I did was the following:
1) Figured out where to drill holes for mounting the door and the shelf holders. Preparation is key!
2) Made the holes in the door for the hinges
3) Pre-drilled holes for all the extra screws etc.
4) Put the Bissa together as instructed but left the top drawer out
5) Put in the door and shelf

This instruction is very brief. On my blog I give very detailed instructions and I have used a lot more photos (about 28…).

See more of the Bissa shoe and storage cabinet.

~ Vincent, Amsterdam, The Netherlands