Never again let it all out. Make a discreet network cabinet.

I needed to hide the mess of cables to keep my lady happy! Cost wise for my DIY home network cabinet was $25 for the BISSA shoe cabinet. Then, $23 for a nice surge protector, everything else I already had.

What I love about it is no more exposed wires, happy lady, happy life!

IKEA items used:

BISSA Shoe Cabinet |

Other materials and tools:

DIY IT home network cabinet

First, assemble the cabinet per IKEA instructions. Then, install networking equipment using zip ties to hold the items in place. After that, mount surge protector on upper support wall bracket and tidy up excess cables with zip ties.

Next, I installed a router, switch, a magicJack and two Raspberry Pi‘s on the top section. Lastly, installed an APC battery backup and a cable modem on the bottom section.

IKEA BISSA IT home network cabinet
IKEA BISSA IT home network cabinet

The hardest bit is routing and organizing all the cables allowing the doors to open to allow access to the equipment. Make sure you open and close each door during assembly to make sure your wires have enough slack and don’t get hung up on anything.

IKEA BISSA IT home network cabinet

~ by BrianL

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