Plant pot coffee table

4 plant pots “BJURÖN”, 4 legs of an older IKEA-couchtable (with screws etc.) and minimum 8 screws and nuts and driller for wood

I bought this plant pots (20x20x17cm), because I liked them, but I had no idea, what to use it for. After a few months I had it: I needed a little, easily moveable table for my laptop, with some practical storage for some computer-stuff. The hole in the middle could be used for a power cable, when you use it as a side table with a lamp – I use the hole for a little more ventilation for my laptop.

You have to drill some holes in the sides of the wooden boxes (minimum 2 in each side) and connect it with screws and nuts. The openings of the boxes should be on the side for storage. Try to work very exactly, because you want the table level and hopefully not jiggling.

Then drill the little holes for the legs-fixtures. Assemble all and screw
the legs on their places. Ready.

Easy to do and a pleasure to use the table.

(PS: IDEA in this moment: you could as well fix one box (or two or all boxes) with the opening to the top and use it for a flower or plant. But in this case you have to consider the measures/construction – the boxes are NOT cubes.)

~ Basil