Vika Amon/Glasholm Dining Table

Materials: Vika Amon, Vika Lags, Vika Glasholm, Gilbert

Description: It’s simply putting things together from Ikea to save money and get a modern look at the same time for a different application (dining table in this case). This isn’t my idea either, I have seen this combination at a friend’s house but I put a little different spin to it to make what fits my taste.

Things needed from Ikea
1 Vika Amon Table Top (White) $39.99
4 Vika Lage (Chorme Plated) $40.00
1 Vika Glasholm Table Top (Black Patterned) $79.99
4 Gilbert Chairs (White) $159.96

Vika Lage has the same design as the Curry legs, so no extra holes needs to be made in the table top to install them. I also added felt pads on the bottom of the legs, even though they come with soft plastic bottoms, so I don’t scratch the hardwood.

Now some on might bring the weight limit issue (almost everyone who hacks does it). I have looked into it. The table top holds about 110 lbs. and the glass top itself is around 68 lbs., so that leaves me with around 42 lbs. I think that is more than enough because I am most likely going to use it for dining and serving area for parties and my friend has been using it for quite some time as well but this might be an issue with a family with children. One can also look into cross braces for additional support.

I am planning on adding cushion to the chairs and perhaps some sort of flower pattern design for the back using a contact paper later on. I will let you know how it goes.

I also think there are many way to go about this in terms of using different type of legs and different color chairs or different chairs altogether. Combination of the table top and the glass top is a timeless piece with changes made to chairs and legs overtime as long as the top holds up.

~ Tesh, Jersey City, NJ