Music Producing Desk

Music producer desk


I wanted to build a desk to produce music and still have enough space to work and do everyday stuff.

In the beginning I planned to build everything on my own, but soon I realized that it must be cheaper and easier to combine some IKEA furniture.

There were some requirements I had, that didn’t make the selection that easy:
– It should look awesome (of course)
– It should match my existing furniture like a Malm bed. I also wanted a very simple and clean design.
– The speakers should be on the same height as my head.
– The working space should be big enough also having some space for two monitors and a two RU 19-inch rack.
– Did I already mention that it should look awesome?

Music producer desk
Music producer desk
Music producer desk

This is what it turned out. I am quite happy with it, although the black of the table doesn’t exactly match with the brown-black of the two Billys, but that’s ok, you don’t recognize, when you don’t look too close.

Music producer desk

The white switch, by the way, is to switch the power of all the music equipment (speakers, monitor mixer, audio interface, …) at once and will of course be replaced by a black one as soon as I have one 😉

~ Michael