Expedit Glass Holder

Materials: Expedit, LANSA Handles, DIODER colour lightstrip, 5mm wood drill

Description: My 5×5 Expedit hold my Belgium Beer glasses collection (upright, not hanging), thus getting a lot of dust in the glasses. So, I decided to go for some hacking and hang some of the glasses. After browsing Ikeahackers for some inspiration: (this, this and this) I decided to go for my own hack, with (i think) a much simpler and elegant solution 🙂

Just drill 6 holes equally spaced on the back of each of the 5 horizontal Expedit cabinets (6 x 5 = 30 holes total), at about 6 cm. from the deepest border, and use the LANSA handles (354mm).

Place the handles with JUST ONE of the two screws (forget the front one), and instead place the second spacer just behind the holding one (about 3 cm from the border), thus giving the handles enough rigidity to withstand the weight of the glass (no additional screws or drills required, the glass weight will do the rest :).

Additionally, the handles will get magnetic attraction, so you can use magnets for additional decoration (bottle caps in the rails front?) and the space under the glasses for the coasters.

Finally, use the DIODER strips (vertically) again in the back, in the four vertical dividers (4 strips, 4 dividers, disregarding left and right structural ends), and place the remote wherever you want (in my case, behind the center one). Route the cables properly (NOT like in the pictures! :), choose whatever colour you like, and that’s it! 🙂

Hope you like it! 😉

~ Javier Guerrero Garcia, Spain