BESTA Kitty Loo

BESTA Bench, Jigsaw, Joint Compound, Sandpaper, Paint, Petsafe Plastic Door, Litter Box

We recently moved from a house into a small NYC apartment and were challenged to find the perfect place to put the cats’ litter box. As even the greatest self-proclaimed cat-lover might admit, litterboxes are unsightly, so concealing them yet keeping them accessible is difficult.

We were inspired by Sari’s DIY litter box hider on

We had just enough height under the sink in the bathroom to fit a small BESTA bench.

1. We assembled the box and used a jigsaw to cut out an access hole following the template included the cat door kit.

2. The BESTA core is corrugated, so we applied joint compound to fill the edge, sanded, and painted with a durable white oil enamel.

3. When it was dry we adhered the smooth side of the Petsafe door to the front of the unit for a clean look.

4. To ensure the cabinet door would close completely, we shaved a bit off the side of the plastic litter box.

5. We didn’t want the litter box to slide around inside the BESTA so we cut a piece off of the BESTA shelf to make the litter box snug.

6. Access to clean the box is easy by simply opening the cabinet door. The poop scoop can be stored inside.

To get Laylacat & Mr. Tudball used to the new BESTA box we put it next to the old litter box. We were thrilled they chose the new loo!

~ Tiff and Chad, New York, NY