Broder DVD shelf

Materials: Broder shelf, batten, threaded rod, clear PVC tube

Description: I need a lot of shelf space for my DVD collection and was going to go for a rather clean, “library shelf” look. When the Broder system came to my attention, I immediately fell for in. The hack is rather simple. I just screwed a piece of batten (Of course sanded down and painted just like the wooden boards) to the center of the 36.5 cm deep wooden Broder boards and the assembled the thing as usual.

To keep my DVDs from falling out, I screwed one eye screw on each side into each board and pushed a threaded rod through, which I covered with clear PVC tubing. This gives a nice effect, a bit like stainless steel and the PVC lends a good grip to them. The ends of the rods are covered with cap nuts. As my collection is sorted alphabetically, I used some magnetic letters to mark the boards.

~ Thomas, Koblenz, Germany