More space on a computer desk

Broder X 2, 350 baht each = 700 baht (23.3 USD)
Capita 3 boxes, 250 baht each = 750 baht (25 USD)
Sandpaper, circular saw, screwdriver

Total 1,450 baht (48.33 USD)

Description: I’ve got a lot of gadgets around my desk such as midi keyboard, midi controller, DAC, amplifier and etc. So I decided to lift up an iMac and put a midi keyboard under it.

I sketched a design on paper, measured my desk, looked for materials on the Ikea website. I was thinking of using the Capita and the Ekby Osten. But when I arrived at the store, I found Broder and thought it might be better than Ekby Osten. So I changed the design from the sketch.


Size & Proportion
My desk is 120×60 cm. Capita is 11 cm. It’s exactly what I needed. Broder is 119×36.5 cm.

1. Cut the Broder shelves into 2 pieces with a circular saw. Sand the edges down with sandpaper.

2. Screw in the Capita legs. I started with the shorter shelf.

3. Mark points for legs on the longer shelf to align the legs on both the shorter and longer shelf.

4. Put 6 legs on the longer shelf to hold the weight. It might bend if we use only 4 legs.

See more of the computer desk extra shelving stands. (link no longer available)

~ Teerapat Ungsriwong, Nonthaburi, Thailand

Jules Yap