Built-in Shoe Wall

Materials: Pax komplement shoe rack, drawers

I love the closet organization section of IKEA and I was dying to buy a Pax wardrobe, but alas, it wouldn’t fit in my walk-in closet because of a sloping wall. As usual, I scavanged in the “As-Is” section and found the Mother Lode of Pax Komplement shoe racks! They must have had 30 or so and they were all marked $1! I got 12 of them and grabbed 6 matching drawers that were in a massive pile of 20 or so. I figured I could find a way to build it into the eaves that run alongside my closet… or that hubby could build anyhow!

Since the eaves had already been cut into a bit by the previous owners, we were able to slip one of the drawers in to get an idea of how we needed to frame them in. He wound up framing it in, insulating it, and covering with dry wall. From there, he installed the tracks for the drawers right inside the alcove and installed the shoe racks with screws as supports. Once everything was in, he threw up some trim and Voila!

See more of the built-in shoe wall.

~ Jillian Pimental, Plymouth, Ma

Jules Yap