Customized Lampan Lamp

Materials: One $6 Lampan Light, some blue-tack, imagination, some objects you’ve always wanted to display

Description: IKEA’s Lampan lights have always amused me – they’re a beautiful shape, and super cheap.

But why not add your own personal style to make a custom-designed version?

Me, I’ve wanted to display my Holy Water Lady of Lourdes in an interesting way for a long while, and this turned out fantastically.

Lampan comes like this – so just don’t use the lampshade (unless you want to decorate it and reuse it).

I made a cyclinder of semi-translucent paper to hide the light bulb.

And then arranged my translucent statues on the rim of the base using blue-tack.

And voila! There you have it.

What about you? Lollipops? Figurines? Awards? Your antique coke bottle collection.

Best if the objects are translucent in some way to let light shine through, but you could always experiment. You could use a stronger piece of paper or plastic for your cylinder, and then affix your precious objects to it.

Buy a lampen in the colour that suits your objects (they currently come in black, white and red)

Try it out. Hope someone finds his hack amusing and useful.

~ Andy Quan, Sydney

Jules Yap