Dining Table for Sofa

Materials: 1) Tabletop, already owned or from IKEA’s as-is 2) Rast bedside table 3) 4 L-brackets, 2 1/2 or 3 inches, 16 screws 4) (Optional) 4 small casters with screws 5) (Optional) one piece of plywood or shelf board cut to fit bottom of Rast – approx 30×52 cm.

Description: I had no dining area in my tiny house and needed a table which people could sit around to eat, whilst sitting comfortably on the sofa or in armchairs. So the table had to be lower than a dining table but higher than a coffee table, and, in my case, large enough to fit a group of five sometimes.

1) I took the 4 legs off an old round (110cm diameter) wooden Ikea dining table (had it so long i no longer remember the name)

2) I fixed the tabletop to a Rast bedside table with 4 L-brackets.

3) I added casters (optional). Because my Rast had undergone a former transformation to a VHS shelf a few years back, I had already added a shelf-piece cut to fit the bottom, and so, to make the new table movable, I was able to easily add casters. You would not necessarily have to do this step.

However, the addition of casters makes the table 21″ (54cm) high which makes it the perfect height for me to sit at my particular sofa, being able to get my knees under it while eating, working etc. If you don’t want to add a bottom piece with casters you may need to add a bit more height (maybe a 2×4) below the tabletop to be able to get your knees under it. Measure!

~ gili, Vancouver, B.C. Canada

Jules Yap