Rast, Chest of 3 drawers

Materials: Rast, chest of 3 drawers

Description: This is a very simple project and easy to do. What you need:

– ANILINE DYE Water Soluble.
– Acrylic paints. I used this colors: magenta, gold, butter, camel,olive, black, brown,red, orange, blue…
– Satin Water-Based Varnish, Clear.
– Brushes.
– Masking tape.

First I dyed it all but the front side, mixing the aniline powder with water, at your choice.
Once it was dry in a few hours, I started to pint the front design. I used the masking tape to mark the lines and pinted the stripes in line. You need to wait until every line is dry to paint the next.
The knobs are painted in gold.
When the stripes are finished apply a coat of varnish.

I hope you like it.

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~ Alicemudgardens