Ein Kleine LACKtmusik

Materials: LACK TV bench, VIKA RORBY trestles

Description: I own a digital piano but for a long time just had it sitting atop one of those flimsy x-shaped metal stands. This was problematic because my cats liked to jump up on top of it which was not good for the keys and also made me worried they’d knock it over. So I was looking for a sturdier solution with a top over the keyboard, but finding a piece of furniture long and narrow enough to accommodate a full 88-key digital piano was a problem. I was starting to get worried I’d need carpentry skills (which I definitely don’t have) to put together the right piece of furniture.

Then one day at IKEA I spotted and measured the LACK TV bench and it turned out to be a perfect solution with a long, narrow slot that fit the piano almost exactly. It comes with two interior metal supports but they are removable. In terms of depth, there’s just enough extra space behind the piano to accommodate cords and the pedal when it’s not in use.

Instead of attaching the top of the bench using the IKEA hardware, I used two heavy-duty hinges so I could tilt the top up to play the piano. Even though the hinges seem small in relation to the size of the top, the LACK hollow-core material is light enough that the hinges support the top without a problem. I plan to cover up the raw edges of the particleboard sides with some white felt but haven’t quite gotten around to it.

The second need for this hacked-together piece of furniture was sturdy, adjustable legs so that I could position the piano at the correct height for playing. VIKA RORBY trestles fit the bill. Instead of installing the TV bench legs, I just set it atop the trestles.

Now my piano’s on a sturdy, well-protected surface but still totally accessible to play whenever I want!

~ Sarah, MN

Jules Yap