Ditch the Ugly Tissue Box with These 3 IKEA Tissue Holder Hacks

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While tissue boxes get the job done, they aren’t always the most attractive addition to your home’s decor. Thankfully, there is an easy and affordable way to disguise your tissues using items from IKEA.

IKEA is full of containers, pots, and organizational tools just begging to be repurposed. You can transform everyday IKEA pieces into chic new tissue holders following simple DIY steps.

Let’s look at three ideas for creating stylish tissue box alternatives that elevate any room’s look.

Turning a Plant Pot into a Tissue Holder

tissue box holder IKEA hack
Photo Credit: @machsschoen

Creative DIY blogger Mone @machsschoen showed how she transformed an IKEA GRADVIS pot and 365+ lid into a stylish tissue holder – and it only required basic tools.

In an Instagram post, Mone demonstrated her simple DIY project featuring the IKEA GRADVIS plant pot.

To turn it into a tissue holder, she first spray-painted the exterior of the glass vase from its original black to an opaque white. This step is optional if you prefer to keep the original glass color, but painting it helps better disguise the tissues inside for a cleaner look.

The next step is to modify the IKEA 365+ bamboo lid that fits on top of the pot. Using a drill with a hole saw, Mone created a hole in the center of the lid large enough for tissues to be pulled through. This minor alteration allows the tissues to be easily accessed without removing the lid. Sand the cut edge to smooth out any splinters and rough edges.

To assemble, Mone opened the rectangle paper tissue box and folded the tissues in half into the pot. She then placed the drilled lid on top. The lid’s silicone rubber seal keeps it firmly in place. The finished product is a sleek, modern tissue dispenser that can be placed on any table or countertop.

Concrete Style Tissue Box Holder Hack

tissue box holder IKEA hack
Photo Credit: @LovinHope__

TikTok creator Patri @LovinHope__ showed us a chic way to disguise tissues using 2 IKEA items. You’ll need an NYPON plant pot and the 365+ lid from IKEA for this project.

The NYPON pot has a smooth profile in faux concrete that lends itself well to minimalist and modern aesthetics. You can leave it in its original state, spray paint it, or create decorative patterns and textures in your style.

Next, take the IKEA 365+ bamboo lid and use a hole saw to cut a hole in the center big enough for tissues to be pulled through.

Then, place the tissues inside. Ensure the tissues fit snugly but not too tightly to pull out easily. And cap the lid securely onto the pot. Now, your tissues are concealed inside a pot that looks amazing on your living room coffee table or bathroom vanity.

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Tissue Vase Hack Goes Viral

The trend of turning vases into decorative tissue holders has taken off massively on TikTok in recent months. Videos showcasing creative ways to repurpose glassware and pots into stylish spots for stashing tissue paper have racked up millions of views.

Home decorators are finding vases at thrift stores, dollar stores, and big box retailers to transform. You only need a vase with a hole large enough to stuff facial tissues in to recreate this viral tissue vase hack. More people are getting inspired to put their unique spin on the concept.

tissue box holder IKEA hack
Photo Credit: @beecora

TikToker Debs @beecora showed her tissue holder hack. She chose the IKEA FALLENHET stone vase with a sturdy, weighty construction because she hates it “when you grab a tissue, and the box lifts up with it,” she explains in her video.

Debs stuffed the rolled tissues inside the vase – no modifications required. Debs created an effortless tissue dispenser with minimal preparation by selecting a vase of the right size and weight.

It’s important to note that with this tissue vase hack, the portion of the tissues at the top of the vase may be susceptible to collecting dust over time.

To counter this, choosing a vase with a smaller opening may work better, like this one from Target.

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What do you think of these tissue box holder ideas? Let us know in the comments.

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